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Safety Audits, Inspections and Consulting

Memorial Restorations provides project management and consulting for cemeteries and communities. Our services range from providing perpetual care and safety audits for cemeteries to creating sculptures and memory gardens for communities. We work collaboratively with your organization to achieve your vision, transforming spaces on time and within your budget.
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Safety Audits & Inspection Reports

Every year, the media reports tragic accidents caused by damaged and unstable cemetery monuments, which would never have happened if safety and inspection laws had been followed correctly.

In Ontario, cemetery safety is today the most crucial issue facing operators and poses the greatest threat of liability. That’s why Memorial Restorations offers a variety of inspection options, from general facility audits to comprehensive assessments of individual monuments. A cemetery audit provides liability protection if your cemetery is named in a legal action.


We offer custom audits ranging from a cemetery section to a complete cemetery audit based on our client’s needs. Every audit includes:

  1. Define the geographical area and inspect each monument within.
  2. Provide a  worksheet for each monument containing basic information, suggested treatment, and repair if required.
  3. An inspection report with simple, easy-to-recognize category markers.  🚦 🔴 🟡🟢
  4. Comprehensive report with separate sheet inspections highlighting over 30 detail points attached to each monument.
We provide our clients with complete documentation for each project, including inspection assessment reports, actions taken, and before and after photographs of all completed work.

General Contracting

Memorial Restorations works with communities to collaboratively create places where people gather to celebrate, mourn, or remember. We work with communities, organizations, cemeteries, committees, and families. We work to develop and build a  tribute to reflect your vision. Our projects include community gardens, new cemetery spaces, fountains, columbariums, memorials, statues, benches, places of remembrance, and cenotaphs. Our company works with reputable local firms and contractors. We use quality building materials to ensure impact, sustainability, and longevity are achieved on time and within budget. Our goal is to create a space that reflects your vision. 

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