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The safety of cemetery monuments is our focus, with beautification being our driving passion. Solid Soil Foundation Systems makes us specialists in affordable, volume-driven, quality monument repair and restoration.

Communities’ history and treasures deserve TLC! Quality artistry, and repairs made using proper materials and techniques, will ensure long-term performance and pride for your entire organization and community.

Using the right products and processes, we use gentle and well-established conservation techniques. We follow the “Do No Harm” philosophy followed by historic conservators.

Most older cemeteries contain countless upright grave markers in various states of disrepair and deterioration. Each of these stones is unique, so we assess them individually to determine the best course of action. Then, following the principles outlined in Ontario’s guide to gravestone conservation, “Landscapes of Memories”, we use biodegradable products and precise techniques to ensure the longevity of each repair without causing further or future harm to the monument.

A public monument (unique statue or building) stands in memory of particular people who died in the war. It is considered hallowed ground. Allow us the honor to work with your group on your project

We provide in-depth documentation for every project, which may include inspection and assessment reports, actions taken, and before and after photographs of all completed work. We work collaboratively with your organization to achieve your vision, transforming spaces on time and within your budget

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Over the past 25 years, we have successfully completed hundreds of projects. Check out our portfolio to view our most recent work.

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