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In cemeteries all over North America, there are countless historical monuments, and upright gravestones that are broken, weather damaged, have fallen, or become buried over time. Damaged gravestones cause the loss of valuable historical information engraved on them, and they also cause serious safety issues.
Preserving grave monuments supports the importance of our history as a community and country.

Under no circumstances should upright memorials or any Memorial type be set into cement ... cement should never touch any type of monument, the four pictures below are examples of repairs not done correctly.

Stone repair and restoration must be done by skilled professionals who understand proper repair techniques. Too often, we have witnessed the tragic results of gravestone repairs done without formal training or materials – often due to budget concerns or ignorance. The result of these efforts is usually the total, irreparable destruction of precious historical artifacts. Allow us to work with your facility managers to achieve provincial safety laws & standards at your facility.

Memorial Restorations, Inc. is Ontario’s most trusted gravestone repair and restoration leader. We offer complimentary consultations and are happy to design care and maintenance packages to suit most budgets. Contact us today.

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