Statue of the Crucifixion, St. Alphonsus Cemetery

In 2012, the Catholic Diocese of London contacted Memorial Restorations for assistance refurbishing the Statue of the Crucifixion in St. Alphonsus cemetery, Windsor.

This grouping of four metal statues required of out-of-the-box thinking to tackle the problems caused by many years of weathering. Previous restoration efforts had involved simply painting the metal, which always leads to peeling, chipping, and failure of the coating.

We researched different products and techniques which would ensure long-term results. Our approach included stripping each statue down to the bare metal, then applying a rust converter - a specifically designed chemical solution that binds and conceals existing rust and prevents further corrosion. This process helps to accentuate the natural patina of the metal without the inevitable failure of paint. The project also included repair and repainting of the statue's base.