Consulting & Special Projects

In addition to offering our clients Ontario's most complete, reliable monument repair and restoration services, Memorial Restorations provides consultation and management on a variety of special projects.

We're staffed and equipped to assist with major cemetery renovation projects, such as those requiring coordination with landscape architects and city officials.

And we offer consultation and project management in research and documentation of historic cemeteries, preparing landscape studies, and creating sustainable long-term cemetery planning.

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History & Conservation

  • Document cemetery's historical background
  • Establish legal property descriptions
  • Provide surveys, inventories, & photographs
  • Assist with OHA applications and updates

Strategic Planning

  • Operational & functional analysis
  • Community & demographic analysis
  • Setting goals, establishing timelines
  • By-law & document reviews¬†

Landscape of memories

Memorial Restorations follows Ontario's provincial guidelines for conserving historic cemeteries and repairing tombstones as published in Landscapes of Memories